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Want To Start A Business? How Being Self Employed Can Help Mums

There are so many benefits to being self-employed. From having more flexibility in your schedule, to being able to take care of your family and work at the same time. Being self-employed can give you the freedom to work from home and create a business around you.

Being your own mum boss is a dream that many aspire to achieve. It’s not always possible to work full time when you have small children at home and being self-employed can be a great option for mums looking for ways to earn money.

Do not get me wrong it can be a stressful experience, though, and demand a lot of your time and energy especially if you are working as a single mum too. However, it is worth it.

The following are some of the benefits of being self-employed as a mum.

How Being Self-Employed Can Benefit Mums

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It’s A Flexible Money Earner

Having control over your earnings allows you to work as much or as little as you want, whenever you want. Knowing exactly how much you are making is incredibly liberating, allowing you to choose where you work and how you work to earn the least amount possible. Being your own boss is also freeing because it means you can take on projects and duties that suit you, instead of following someone else’s orders. This will give you more freedom to achieve your goals and dreams as you can choose how to market, promote, sell and advertise your work.

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Different Options For Career Paths

In addition to knowing that you have many ways you can make money, you need to understand top career opportunities when you are working from home as a mom. Once again, the flexibility associated with being self-employed provides you with the freedom to do whatever job you want without having to compromise. 

One idea is to write your own blog, as this can provide flexibility to work from home. Having a side job can also provide extra income, successfully running a side business can be a fantastic option for mums looking for extra income for their family.

Freelancing is another income stream that mums can look at. Some mums are happy to work on the side, for longer hours, as long as they are getting paid for it. Others prefer to work on a fixed-fee basis, which they may or may not want to repeat.

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Flexible Hours For Working Mums

As mentioned above being self-employed allows you to work at your own pace and scale your business as you like. You can work on your own hours when you have more time and work fewer hours when you have less time. You can then scale your business by recruiting people so you can expand when you want to. It is not that different from working in a team environment — except that your business is your child (or your passion).

I mostly work full-time during the week and then on the weekends when the kids are in bed. With this in mind, I can schedule my days around what I want to be doing and then go into my work with a clear mind. It is less stressful as you get to set the hours of your day, and how many days you work each week. Your flexible working and scheduling really does seem to help and is a great benefit to being self-employed.

Self Care Tips For Working Mums

Being a mum doesn’t mean you have to work full time. You can make great money from self-employment if it’s the right option for you, but it will require some planning and organisation.

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