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Self Care for Working Mums: 10 Essential Tips to Stay Calm & Balanced

Whether you’re a working mum or not, we all need to take time for ourselves and engage in self-care. With increased work demands and increased pressures to create the perfect life, it’s easy to feel like we should be doing more and more. That’s why this list of 10 tips is perfect for managing your own self-care needs while still balancing the other things in your life.

10 Essential Tips to Stay Calm & Balanced

What is self care?

Let’s backtrack a little. What exactly does self-care mean? Well, it’s a pretty broad term, but generally, it’s about taking good care of yourself. It sounds pretty basic, but we all do it more and more as time goes on. We get so busy that we barely take time for ourselves. Self-care is about nourishing your body, mind and spirit. It’s about taking time to take care of yourself.

1. Exercise

Regular exercise is a great way to increase your energy levels and keep yourself in shape. You can also get in a workout without worrying about what you’re going to do next. This means you can exercise whenever you want and wherever you want.

So, if you’re looking for a way to reduce stress and improve your self-care, the first thing you should do is exercise. Find a sport you’re comfortable with and practice it regularly.

2. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is probably the most underrated self-care factor. A good night’s sleep is crucial to your physical and emotional health and well-being. Lack of sleep is a leading cause of chronic diseases, including insomnia, weight gain, depression and fatigue.

Insufficient sleep has been linked to higher blood pressure and risk for heart disease. The lack of sleep also impairs your ability to think and solve problems.

How much sleep should you be getting each night? This varies by individual, but research suggests 7 to 9 hours is needed for optimal health.

4. Be Mindful

Mindful is a great self-care practice because it’s simple and can be done anywhere — just be present in the moment. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being gentle with yourself.

5. Do Something You Love

If you don’t love what you’re doing — and have a hard time doing what you love — it’s time to figure out what you really love and what you’re good at. Focus on the activities that energize and satisfy you.

6. Get a Hobby

A hobby that you can do anywhere, any time can help you get out of a rut. A hobby can also help you find your passion and strengthen your self-care practice.

7. Make Time for Yourself

Self-care is about taking good care of yourself, and sometimes that means having time for yourself. It can be as simple as taking a break from your busy schedule to read, get a massage or just hang out with friends.

8. Make Friends

If you’re feeling stuck, finding friends who are in similar situations as you can be an amazing resource. Talking about your concerns and problems can help you process these things in a more healthy way.

9. Seek Help

If you feel as though you’re struggling with a problem, it’s important to reach out to people who can help. Contact your local mental health center or your doctor for guidance.

10. Remember Why You Are Here

If you feel as though you’ve lost your way, or that you’re not happy with what you’re doing with your life, it’s important to remember why you are here.

This is your life. Don’t be afraid to live it.

In conclusion, the 10 tips listed that were summarised earlier will help any working mum stay calm and balanced. Including some of these tips into your daily routine can have a positive effect on the rest of your day, as well as on your mental wellbeing.

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